Monday, January 26, 2009

Fun weekend but no pics

We had a great weekend but of course the batteries in my camera died and I didn't have any new ones. So, today you'll just have relive my weekend in your mind! Not that there's anything super intriguing to tell but I feel as though I should post EVERY week. I love having a blog but it sure is a lot of pressure! I feel like I'm letting you guys down if I don't have something excited to say. Sorry, today's post if one of those!

I took the boys to the Donut Shop (AKA Donut's Etc.) on Sat. morning to let Brian sleep in. Yes, you could say, "Wow, McCall...what a good wife you are!" That's true but my main motivation was so I wouldn't feel guilty Sat. afternoon while was helping host a housewarming party. After the party, since I felt I "earned" the right to be away for a while...the girls hung out and just laughed and goofed off! We went to the In-Laws for dinner and of course the boys begged to spend the night! Fine with me. They didn't have clothes to sleep in or anything but they didn't care. So, B & I took advantage of the situation and went to see Grand Torino. It was great! I stopped by early Sun. morning and got the boys ready for church. They love staying with MawMaw, Pawpaw and the cousins.

We had a diaper shower Sun morning during Sunday School for some friends that are in our class. So far, our class has a 3 week old baby girl, Claire; another girl due Feb 5, Lily; and another girl due Apr 5. So, needless to baby girl desires are now at the "Coveting" level. I'm still being patient but having to work on it daily! Hope you guys have a great week. I'm off to Dallas tomorrow for a business meeting.


The Ealy's said...

Hang in there. She will come when it is time. I only got Tristan once I stopped trying. I know it sucks to hear that...b/c it did when we were trying so hard...but it is true. Sending you thoughts of rainbows and butterflies!!

The Alexanders said...

You can always borrow Brooke when you need your girl baby fix.