Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years' Project

My Cutie (a pic, just b/c)
**BEFORE ** Awful, Pea Green (wish I had a pic of old bedspred)

In between the transformation (B is really happy about this project)


What a lively New Years we had...Just kidding...we spent our entire New Years' Day painting our bedroom and bathroom. After seeing the pics, can you blame me? Technically, it's my fault b/c I'm the one that picked the original "Pea Green" paint when we built the house 3 1/2 yrs ago. I didn't like it then but I was soooo ready to move in & I thought maybe it would grow on me...well, it didn't. What finally made me take the plunge was the fact that Dillards had bedding on sale for HALF off. I've been wanting new bedding anyway so w/Christmas money in hand, we fought the after Christmas shoppers and found this beautiful bedspread. I still need some accessories for the bedroom. Not sure what though. Something over the bed. I don't want a painting/picture...I'm thinking maybe some metal work...something swirly?? Any of you home decorators have a good idea? I also think maybe a big plant in the right corner?
Hope you guys have a fabulous 2009 and here's a few "goals" for the year for myself:

1) Hopefully conceive baby #3 while remaining patient (if that's possible)
2) Leave work at 3 to spend more time with the boys (Hud will start Kindergarten this year)
3) Have more "date nights" with the husband (we've been married for 7 yrs, you know)
4) Spend more time doing things with girlfriends (it's hard to find time)
5) Think of others before myself, daily
6) Get to know my Lord better and yearn for His will in my life

Here's wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Joy-filled year!


The Cowans said...

Canton has all kinds of metal swirly things...I think you should hit a first Monday next month!

McCall said...

I have heard that from lots of people. I have only been to Canton once and that was several years ago. I should try it again!

Lacey and Aaron said...

Kirklands has ALL KINDS of metal wall art, and good prices too. Your new bedroom looks great!

Amanda said...

like the new bedroom! and I'm very impressed that you guys painted it yourself...I can assure you that my guest bedroom did not look like this after I painted it myself!

The Alexanders said...

With going along with your Goal #4 I think we should hit Canton next month. I have only been once too and that was a couple of years ago. I am trying to find a new comforter set for my bedroom. Mark also gave me for christmas 2 paint brushes so that we could paint our bedroom together.