Monday, January 26, 2009

Blog Award

Thank you, Amanda and Paula, for my very 1st BLOG AWARD!! So, now I have to do three things:

1) Talk about my "main squeeze"/hubby. Brian and I first fell in love in high school in 1994. He's my complete opposite and therefore completes me in everyway. He's sticks by me through all my dramatic ways and loves me even when I drive him crazy. He's the only one who completely understands me and loves me inside and out. He's my bestfriend and the most wonderful father ever.
2) List 6 ways I measure success in my life:

- Being confident of my purpose on this Earth
- Always being willing to grow and learn
- Learning to love unconditionally
- Having a passion for something and not being scared to live it out
- Having friends & family that love me and that I can trust
- Having raised my children to love Jesus and love others
3) Lastly, I need to pass this cool award along. If I tagged you, you have to do this, ok?
Now that you guys have been awarded, you must keep up the good blogs!!

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